• Tim Montana gets
    Tim Montana gets "Hillbilly Rich" in Sony Crackle's Action Figures 2
Thursday, June 28, 2018

Tim Montana rocks the end title credits with "Hillbilly Rich" in Action Figures 2.  In his new film, action sports icon Travis Pastrana and his friends in the Nitro Circus continue to progress action sports by landing never before seen stunts in this sequel to their 2015 hit.

Action Figures 2, the sequel to 17-times X Games medalist Travis Pastrana's hit action sports movie, Action Figures, pays homage to old-school action sports videos and highlights extreme human performance. The movie embodies Travis' drive to push the limits on what is possible while allowing his friends to turn stunts they once only dreamed of into reality. All of the action sports stars in the film have contributed to the filming and editing of their sections of the movie. This film is one crazy ride with Travis at the wheel as his friends achieve the unthinkable while tacking up multiple worlds' firsts along the way. These real-life action figures go bigger, farther and faster than ever before to conquer the impossible and ignite action sports entertainment.

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